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good morning, it is friday, july 1st, this is your a.m. wake-up call, i'm ali velshi joining us live this morning from new york. we begin with dramatic developments in the sexual assault case against former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. a source close to the case tells cnn that defense attorneys and prosecutors will ask for a sharp reduction in his bail. why? because prosecutors are seriously questioning the credibility of the hotel maid who says strauss-kahn attacked her. issues include outright lies to the investigators with the
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district attorney's office. >> this is just an extraordinary, extraordinary development. considering that the, this case was brought with such great fanfare by the manhattan district attorney and they very loudly trumpeted the credibility of the accuser here. and the credibility appears, and i hasten to say, appears to have collapsed. what makes it even more extraordinary is that the evidence apparently shows dna evidence of a sexual encounter between dominique strauss-kahn and the woman who is the maid, yet even with dna evidence, the prosecution is considering dropping the case. that shows how bad her credibility may be. that even with dna evidence, they may not be able to bring this case. it's a shocking, shocking development. >> bail reduction hearing is set for 11:30 this morning eastern. cnn will follow the story
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closely. for the second time in six years, the minnesota state government is out of money and closed for business. the state's democratic governor and republican-controlled legislature could not agree on a budget or on how to close a $5 billion deficit. shutdown does not affect prison staffing, state police, patrols or staffing at nursing and veterans homes. it affects roads, it's a big hassle for campers, they've got to leave state parks on this fourth of july weekend. and the nba's collective bargaining agreement ran out. making it the second major sports organization to lead a lockout. the league said lost $300 million last season. so owners want to reduce players' salaries. the sides are so far apart on this that industry insiders say the entire 2011-2012 season is in jeopardy. i'll have more with "sports illustrated" later on in the show. prosecutors in the casey anthony trial can call rebuttal
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witnesses after the defense rested without put herring on the stand. cnn has obtained home video of anthony as a young girl in 1991. here she is as a friend's birthday party. >> happy birthday, my name is casey. >> what do you think, casey, i didn't get you. >> happy birthday. happy birthday, my name's casey. >> the woman who claims she had an affair with casey's father was on the stand yesterday. here's what she says, george anthony, the father told her about caylee anthony's death. >> he had said it was an accident. that snowballed out of control. but i was in shock. and by the time i looked up, his eyes were filled with tears. and i didn't elaborate. >> the trial starts up again this morning, at 8:30 a.m. eastern. the u.s. senate will take the independence day off, but it won't be out for an extended
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recess. harry reid announced they're skipping the planned break to revive talks on raising the debt ceiling. treasury secretary timothy geithner is considering leaving his post once a deal is hammered out on the debt ceiling. when asked about his future plans yesterday, this is what geithner had to say. >> i live for this work. it's the only thing i've ever done, i believe in it. i'm going to be doing it for the foreseeable future. >> we'll keep an eye on that as well. let's cross over to hong kong. anna coren is watching world markets for us right now. >> a very good morning to you, ali, here in the asia pacific or the tropics as i know you like to call it, markets closed mostly higher. on optimism that greece has managed to avoid a default and on news that u.s. manufacturing expandsed at a faster pace in june. it settled at about .5%. european markets have been open for a few hours and they're
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relatively flat. we'll see how they do over the day. america? you're looking good so far. the s&p 500 closed strong last night. marking the fourth straight day of strong performance, we'll see if europe's performance will affect things across the pond for you guys there. >> you in the tropics like your bridges. in fact, in china, i read in "time" magazine that 11 of the world's 15 longest bridges are there. and there are four bridges opening today, including the world's longest sea bridge. it's the length of a marathon. >> it's, it is very long. but believe it or not, ali, we're hearing news out of louisiana that they're refusing to give up the title of having the world's longest bridge. they've had that title for about half a century. they claim that this bridge in china, that they've opened is only 16 miles long across the water, because it has a big long curve in it. it says its bridge crosses 24 miles of water. bit of a dispute going on. >> i tell you, those are long
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bridges, you're a runner. this looks like, doesn't look like a pedestrian bridge. but i guess they've got little things on the sides. >> you run in hong kong? >> i do. >> it gets hot and that's lot of thunder? >> i said it first, okay? let's just get that straight. >> very good. anna coren, we'll check in with you later. speaking about weather, any tropical weather or flight delays this morning? rob marciano is in atlanta for us. >> we had our first tropical storm of the season that made landfall across mexico. it's dissipating and bringing all the beneficial rain to mexico and the mountainous areas. a little bit of moisture this morning across parts of the western great lakes, but this isn't a big deal. it's kind of a precursor of the heat that's going to be building. if you are traveling today, look at it for airport delays in tampa, orlando, miami, in the afternoon for thunderstorms, minneapolis and omaha, probably
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see some afternoon thunderstorms and chicago, low clouds and some showers there that are rumbling through. as mentioned, the heat is going building across the western great lakes and the central plains, heat indices up around 100 degrees right through tomorrow. dangerous heat and humidity pumped up from the gulf of mexico. looking at decent weather across parts of the northeast. with a high temperature of 83 degrees, warm, comfortable. >> that's the high end of what i can live with. rob, watch this video for me. just in time for the fourth of july fireworks. in slow motion from popular "science," high-definition footage. 2,000 frames a second, by the way if you're watching us, it's 30 frames a second, so 67 times slower than normal video. take a look at that. fireworks in slow motion. >> awesome. blowing stuff up is fun enough, but to see it in super-duper
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slow-mo, that's money. time for our quote of the day. a few memorable words from a newsmaker. i've been pretty blunt of what i think about this president. think he's in denial. i yesterday i think he acted like a 10-year-old. who said it? we'll tell you after the break. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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so, you're looking for help with your mortgage, worried about foreclosure. we can help you keep your house. all we ask for in return is that you submit to our plans for galactic domination. [laughing] [laughing hesitantly]
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[laughing evilly] sign. announcer: if you're facing foreclosure, talk to the right people. speak with hud-approved housing counselors free of charge at... happy friday, before the break i read you this quote. i've been pretty blunt in what i think of this president, i think he's in over his head, i think he's in denial and yesterday he acted like a 10-year-old. who said that? it was the republican congressman joe walsh of illinois, making it clear to elliott spitzer that he's no fan of the way the president is handling the nation's business. here he is. >> i've been blunt in what i think of this president, i think he's in over his head. i think he's in denial and yesterday, he acted like a 10-year-old. he hasn't been serious about any
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of the serious fiscal issues our country is facing. i don't take him very seriously. >> this is starting to sound like a schoolyard spat. the president slung a similar insult earlier this week. >> malia and sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time. they don't wait until the night before. they're not pulling all-nighters. they're 13 and 10. >> remember republican presidential hopeful, michele bachmann's mix up, confusing a hollywood star with a serial killer? the late-night pundits didn't. >> earlier, michele bachmann confused john wayne with serial killer john wayne gacy. she sincerely regrets the error
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and vows. >> how do you know she got her john waynes confused? maybe she was like, yo, i'm from waterloo, serial killer straight up. i believe the waterloo chamber of commerce sent her a thank you card. >> all right. let's go straight to tim farley, the host of "morning briefing" on certificasirius xm. the minnesota government shutdown, why did it happen and ha does it mean? >> i saw you talk about it at the beginning of the show. this is a key part of this, around the country, people are struggling, states are struggling with their budgets, we have a democratic governor and a legislature run by the republicans that don't seem to be getting along. there's a sense of frustration around the country, not just in minnesota, but at the federal government and on the state level when you have parties mixing it up. in this case, in minnesota they're shutting down the state, including state parks, right in
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front of one of the busiest weekends. marge is going to be writing screening tickets up in brainerd, but you're not going to be seeing the parks open this weekend. >> we all sort of know what you're doing for the weekend. if you're one of these presidential candidates in this increasingly crowded field, what are you planning on doing this weekend? do you take it off or do you work? >> funny you should mention that, ali. you had something there about michele bachmann. herman kaine is going to be in the actual boyhood home of john wayne. and michele bachmann is in iowa. ron paul has a schedule. if you go to his website that is so full, he's all over new hampshire and mitt romney is going to be spending some time there, also, as is jon huntsman. this the day after they finish their fundraising. jon huntsman's campaign said they raised $4 million. you'll see drips and drabs of that. we'll see how much money people have been raising, it might give you a sense of how well their
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campaigns are going. >> if you're trying to raise 0 money and get votes, you can't take the weekend off. tim farley, morning briefing on sirius xm potis. bill clinton sat down for a one-on-one with our wolf blitzer. >> how worried are you right now about president obama getting re-elected? >> well on today's facts i'll be surprised if he's not re-elected. i think people understand this recession was more severe than the one i had. >> who is the strongest republican candidate out there? >> i can't tell you. >> who do you fear the most? >> i think the president will win. but you know, as you might imagine, as a democrat who is -- i've always thought myself as pro growth, pro business, pro labor democrat, i like you know, i like governor huntsman, i like governor romney. i think governor romney is doing
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a better job this time than he did last time. >> all right. the sex assault case against the man who was once the world's most powerful banker could be falling apart. there are big new questions about the credibility of the maid accusing him. we'll look at ha could happen in a new york courtroom this very morning and at the bottom of the hour. he was expected to be the next president of that country. thousands of inmates con set free in a matter of months, how new changes in sentencing guidelines that some critics are calling unfair. and. half of 2011 is behind us, six more months to go, we'll find some national day every single day. a national day of canada. it's happy canada day.
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19 minutes after the hour, i'm ali velshi, here are three things to put on your radar today. former imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn goes before a jury to try to get his bail reduced. prosecutors say they've discovered serious credibility issues with the woman who accused him of sexual assault. plus, today, prince albert ii of monaco will marry his fiancée, the civil ceremony is today, the religious one is tomorrow. she tried to get out of the wedding. and this afternoon, president obama will head to camp david for the fourth of
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july weekend. thousands of federal inmates serving time for crack cocaine offenses could get out of prison a lot sooner because a law passed last year to bring crack cocaine sentences more in line with that of powdered cocaine would be retroactively applied. it won't take effect until november. critics argued that the old sentencing guidelines hurt african-americans the most. either way you slice it, crack is still whack. and massachusetts lifeguards and managers of a public pool are off the job as investigators try to determine how a woman died, a 36-year-old woman's body went undetected for several days as others continued to swim in the pool. apparently it was hard to see the body at the bottom of the 12-foot pool described as cloudy by a health inspector. as to the risks of the people swimming in the pool? >> given the fact that the victim was in the pool, and the chlorine levels were within normal levels, there really
5:21 am
wouldn't be any additional health risk. >> in new mexico, firefighters describe a massive wildfire burning around the los alamos nuclear weapons lab as really aggressive. winds gusting have made it tough to fight of the. the lab and town have been evacuated since monday. lab and fire officials say no release of radiation or other hazardous materials has been detected. a six-foot long predator is on the loose in myrtle beach, south carolina, it's a pylon. it's been spotted several times in the last week. residents are concerned about the safety of their children and small pets. the snake is not native to the area. reptile experts say it's likely someone released it into the wild. let's go around the world. zain verjee live in london with us right now. zain, we have, we have news from moammar gadhafi's daughter. what's this story about? >> aisha gadhafi, 35 years old,
5:22 am
has spoken out. here's what she had to say. the headline is she's saying that the government, the gadhafis are reaching out and talking to the rebels. she says this -- there are currently direct and indirect negotiations. we are working to stop bloodshed of libyans. and for this, we are ready to make an alliance with the devil, with the armed rebels. she was also asked about whether it was time for dad to leave. and she replied, this is his country, his land, his people. where would he go? she says. there is one thing you don't understand and one thing you will never understand, is that my father is a symbol, a guide. ali, she said she sees him once in a while and he's the one that cheers everyone up and tells them, just be patient. ali? >> zain, hugo chavez, we were talking about this, he's been in cuba. a lot of speculation as to what he was doing there. he's come out and said why he was there. >> yes, he says he has cancer. that he was in cuba for an
5:23 am
operation. that was done. now we don't know how long he's going to be there. he looks like he's going to be there quite a while and the question is, who is going to be running the country while hugo chavez is recovering in venezuela. so the question for many people in the concern is, you know, venezuela is a big oil producer. who's going to be running the show. there are reports that his brother, adan is running it. but the political opposition is happy about this. they want to take advantage while he's out of the country and they say, you can't run the country by being away from it. because that's just unconstitutional. elections are coming up. they want to capitalize on it. >> we saw some pictures of him there. he does look to be robust. he's otherwise a robust-looking guy. zain, why am i working today? >> you shouldn't be working, it's canada day. you're canadian. you should, you should have taken it off. >> i should have. coming up there, hanging out with the royals. >> beaver tails. >> that's right.
5:24 am
beaver tails. >> by the way, if you don't know what a beaver tail is. it's not really a beaver's tail. it's a doughnut. a fried piece of dough, sweetened. but, yeah, i would have been loved to have been in ottawa. you spent some time in canada as well, you went to school there. >> in montreal, i ate pootine, too. wam and ka william and kate were there, they have a much more casual approach. much more casual and touchy-feely. today, there's an undertone of sadness for prince william, if diana was alive, she would have turned 50 today. >> well, we will watch them. they've got a few more, several more days, a week more in canada, zain, good to see you, we'll check in with you later in the show. at midnight, the nba's
5:25 am
collective bargaining agreement ran out. making it the second major sports organization to enter a lockout. the league is looking at a loss of $300 million this season. the sides are so far apart. that industry insiders say the entire 2011-2012 season is in jeopardy. all you basketball fans and football fans out there better become baseball fans. the u.s. senate is taking independence day off. but it won't be fought or an extended fourth of july recess. senate majority leader harry reid said they're coming back to resume their talks. and find out what wal matt has to do with cheap gas.
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29 minutes after the hour, good morning, it's friday, july 1st, this is your a.m. wake-up call, i'm ali velshi joining us live this morning from new york. we've got the news, weather, politics, sports, everything you need to know to get your day started. dramatic developments notice sexual assault case against former imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn. it may be close to collapsing. a defense source tells cnn there serious issues with the credibility of the hotel maid who claims that he attacked her in his manhattan hotel suite. "the new york times" cites two law enforcement sources as saying that the woman has repeatedly lied, and that she's got possible links to people involved in criminal activities. the "times" also reports a phone conversation was recorded in which she talked about the possible benefits of pursuing charges against strauss-kahn.
5:30 am
>> the evidence apparently shows dna evidence of a sexual encounter between dominique strauss-kahn and the woman who is the maid. yet, even with the dna evidence, the prosecution is considering dropping the case. that shows how bad her credibility may be. that even with dna evidence, they may not be able to bring this case. it's a shocking, shocking development. >> cnn senior international correspondent, jim bitterman is in paris. prosecutors and defense attorneys both jointly according to the reports, are going to be asking fr a sharp reduction in strauss-kahn's bail today. maybe even his very strict bail conditions. what's the reaction in france? this was a man, we don't want to dprgt, who many thought might be the next president of france. >> absolutely true. ali. in fact, this morning, they're using the words that they've
5:31 am
used to once or twice before, and that's bombshell and thunderclap and all that sort of thing. because frankly there's no other way to describe it. this is just another sudden reversal in the fate of dominique strauss-kahn and in the fate of french politics. because basically he was the leading candidate, he hadn't been declared,ut he was the leading candidate on the socialist party side. and now of course, there's a question about whether or not he could come back. and we went out on the streets today to talk to people. ask them whether or not they thought he was politically finished or if he still had a future and here's the kind of thing we heard. >> i think he can't come back. the men in the presidential competition, i don't think so. i don't think so. i think it's not white and black. >> i think he's out of the presidency. because anyway, the story will have an input on his career and on his popularity. so i don't think he is going to make it. >> i think for him, political
5:32 am
party is over. >> there will always be a doubt. even if they say yes, he is innocent, there will always be people who will think the contrary. >> and despite that skepticism, the politicians here are thinking he could still come back and in fact they're saying that he has until the 13th of july to file for the presidency on the socialist party ticket. so he could very well do that, if he gets cleared of those charges and if he can travel. ali? >> we're a few hours away from seeing what this is all about. we don't know whether it means is reduction in the strict conditions and in his high bail. or whether it means that they think that the case is collapsing. how is this transpired? how has this moved in france? we heard the people you talked to. but has it shifted the political winds entirely? has the opposing political party gained from this? >> well, absolutely. in fact in the weeks since dominique strauss-kahn was first brought into court and since we
5:33 am
saw the pictures of him doing the perp walk and all the rest of it, basically he's been written out of french politics. and other leading socialists have come to the fore. there's a rather major competition going on between fran choice alland. and another leading socialist party candidate and some of the strauss-kahn supporters have thrown their weight behind those two candidates. now it's all changed. and this morning there's talk among the leading socialists that they should even suspend the prime with the idea to give strauss-kahn enough time to reestablish himself on the political scene. so he's certainly changed the spectrum and it changes things for everybody, including president sarkozy, because was looking at a much easier time of it with the sort of lesser candidates on the left. but now that strauss-kahn has come back, he could be a formidable opponent. >> ali? >> jim bitterman. treasure secretary timothy geithner making headlines this morning.
5:34 am
the u.s. treasury secretary is considering leaving his job after a deal is reached to raise the debt ceiling. that's what a source familiar with the discussion tells our jessica yellin. president obama nominated geithner as treasury secretary in 2009. now here's what geithner told former president, bill clinton at a clinton global initiative event when he was asked about his future. >> i live for this work. it's the only thing i've ever done. i believe in it. i'm going to be doing it for the foreseeable future. >> for the second time in six years, minnesota state government is out of money. and close for business, the state's democratic governor and republican-controlled legislature could not agree on a budget on how to close a $5 billion deficit. the shutdown doesn't affect prisons or nursing holes, but it does involve other things, a big hassle for campers who have to leave the state parks on this busy fourth of july weekend. don't miss my show saturday and sunday.
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your money. and how you invest in this kind of climate. >> the barenaked ladies, a good canadian band, because it's canada day. walmart offering ten cents off gas for the rest of the summer. you have to buy the fuel using a wal mart gift card or credit card so you've got to go into the big box store to fill up your card. catch number two, you can only get the discount in one of 18 states. you can get them in any of 18 states. until north carolina, tennessee, texas and virginia. this goes on through september. now time to get smart. college degrees are stocks and bonds. college degrees or stocks and bonds. which do you think is the best long-term investment? think on it, i've got an answer for you after the break. 35 minutes after the hour.
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before the break i asked you, which do you think is the best long-term investment. college degrees or stocks and bonds. if your answer was wall street, you would be wrong. according to a new study by the brookician institution, a college degree will get you far better returns on the same amount of money. compared to stocks and bonds, or even gold. for more, head to the all-new redesigned it's all about john huntsman today, good morning, shannon bricker. >> hey there, ali, good morning, we're watching john huntsman. you know, ali that money equals attention in this presidential race. we're watching it because the second fundraising quarter just ended yesterday and we're looking to the presidential candidates raised how much money. john huntsman, he raised $4.1 million in the second fundraising quarter. but almost $2 million of that
5:40 am
money was put in by himself. this is a bit of a contradiction, because john huntsman told reporters in early may that he would not put in his own money. we of course know that he, he has a lot of money because of his father's corporation, a chemical corporation. so it's a little bit of a contradiction that john huntsman put in almost $2 million of his own ney into this campaign. but hey, again he entereded race a little bit later than the other candidates did. ali? >> he's got some catch-up to play. shannon travis, thank you very much for that. our political producer. go to for your latest on politics. 40 minutes after the hour. there are three things that you should have on your radar today, the georgia immigration law targeting illegal immigrants takes effect today. one part of the law says people using a fake i.d. to get a job in georgia could go to prison for 15 years. plus, leon panetta, takes over as the new secretary of defense today. general david petraeus replaces panetta as the director of the c.i.a.
5:41 am
and today, the 9/11 health compensation act takes effect. the authors of the act will celebrate at mount sinai medical center here in new york. time to talk about sports. big sports news to talk about. pablo torre is a reporter for "sports illustrated," all about the nba lockout. started at midnight. what does this mean for fans? >> yeah, well for fans, it allows us to finally get back to what we love about sports -- which is, you know, obscure counting rules and labor law. the problem is that nba teams have been crying poor for quite a while and they're saying that 22 of 30 of them lost money last year. and so they want to be more like the nfl. they want shorter contracts, they want nonguaranteed contracts for players, they want revenue sharing and the players of course got a great deal in the last collective bargaining agreement. and they don't want any of that. so the canyon is so wide between the two parties that we may not have basketball for an entire
5:42 am
year, ali. which is a nightmare scenario. the first time ever we won't have an nfl season potential will i and now an nba season. which which is just as disastrous for any kind of sports fan. >> we talked the other day about tiger woods and his new endorsement deal. the commercial that he's in for this pharmaceutical company. take a look at the commercial. >>. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we don't need to understand the language to understand what they're saying. it's a little cream and gives you some heat. what do you think of the commercial, do you think it will help? i seem to have lost pablo's audio. we'll get back to him a little bit later. pablo torre from "sports illustrated." kim kardashian and demi and lady gaga. l.a. police want these celebrities to tweet something, i'll tell you what it is, when we come back.
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45 minutes after the hour, good morning, it is friday, july 1st, this is your a.m. wake-up call, i'm ali velshi joining us live from new york this morning. let's go around the world, zain verjee standing by in london. zain, the story here is that in a few hours, we're going to see a court appearance by dominique strauss-kahn. sources tell us that something is changing. that prosecutors are finding holes in his accuser's story.
5:46 am
>> it is a big, old mess, ali. and it is stunning pieces of information that we're now getting that could completely collapse the case against dominique strauss-kahn. the prosecutors are saying there are serious questions about the credibility of the witness that has accused him of rape. here's what they're saying. now the prosecutors have told dominique strauss-kahn's team that the guineaen maid has not been truthful about details of a prior sexual assault case. they also say she wasn't honest about an asylum application that she had made from guinea. "the new york times" is reporting that there was a taped conversation between this maid and an inmate in a prison where she was recorded as having said, well, let's see how can i take advantage of this the situation with dominique strauss-kahn? how can i benefit from it? there are also many other questions and inconsistencies that investigators have found
5:47 am
about the information that she has given them about this case. there's a hearing today and it's throwing questions about the whole legal system here. why would prosecutors have come forward to this, if, with this, these charges, against him if they did not have a watertight case? could dominique strauss-kahn now walk? maybe. ali? >> well you know, we were talking to jim bitterman who is our man in paris. he did sort of an informal survey of people on the streets. and they were all universally saying it doesn't matter at this point, the damage has been done, his political career is over. is that how this is playing in other circles? >> that is one of the major questions. he's respected professionally by many people in france, but they seem personally as damaged goods. but technically, he has until july the 13th. if he is cleared of these charges, to file papers to run for a presidential candidate in the french elections. even a socialist party, they're talking about, hey, wait a minute, maybe we can even delay our primaries before, before,
5:48 am
you know, so that we can accommodate him if he gets to walk. the thing is here, even though he's personally damaged, the fact that the u.s. justice system may have failed so badly it could just make him a martyr and give him a big boost. we don't know. that's going to be a huge story today. >> this is going to be a huge story today. it's going to be what everybody is talking about. they thought when this case was laid against him it was air-tight. we'll have to see what's developing. it's a few hours from now, zain, good to see you, i'll see you in a few minutes on "american morning." leon panetta will be sworn in today as the u.s. secretary of defense. the senate confirmed him last tuesday. he is leaving the top spot at the central intelligence agency to take the reins at the defense department. he called the killing of al qaeda leader osama bin laden in may, the highlight of his tenure at the c.i.a. david petraeus takes over from him at the c.i.a. the u.s. senate is taking independence day off, but will not be out for an extended fourth of july recess, which normally what they do.
5:49 am
senate majority leader, harry reid, announced yesterday they're skipping the planned week-long break to revive talks on reducing the deficit and raising the debt ceiling. >> what we have to do is too important not to be here and try to resolve what needs to be done. we really don't have any time to waste. >> prosecutors in the casey anthony trial can call rebuttal witnesses after the defense rested without putting her on the stand. the jury heard from the woman who claims she had an affair with casey's father. here's what she says george anthony told her about his granddaughter, caylee's, death. >> he had said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. but that i was in shock, and by the time i looked up, his eyes were filled with tears. and i didn't elaborate. >> the trial starts up again around 8:30 eastern. in florida, an autopsy finds pro
5:50 am
wrestler, macho man, randy savage. died from natural causes, not from injuries he may have received from a traffic accident in may. the medical examiner's autopsy lists the official cause of death is heart disease, a thickening of the artery walls that can lead to a sudden heart attack. in new mexico firefighters describe a wildfire burning around the los alamos nuclear weapons lab, as really aggressive. the lab and adjacent town have been evacuated since monday. the lab and fire officials say release, no release of radiation or other hazardous materials has been detected. let's go to rob marciano live in atlanta. what's it looking like, any flight delays? >> we've got a couple we'll be watching, the threat for severe storms this afternoon is going to be across the upper plains, minneapolis will be a spot. last night if you live in chicago or were traveling through, they got hit with some thunderstorms that had some big-time hail. this afternoon, tampa, orlando, miami, florida, which could use the rain, everyone except for miami could use the rain,
5:51 am
they'll get it this afternoon. thunderstorms in minneapolis, low clouds and showers left over this morning in chicago. and the heat will build, if you're traveling this way, travel light. pack light and dress light, because temperatures are going to be close to 100 degrees and with the humidity it's going to feel a lot hotter. 91 degrees expected in chicago, 83 degrees in new york city. likely cooler in canada. if you could remind me, and our viewers exactly what canada day is all about? >> this is the day that canada -- became canada. >> kind of like our independence day? >> it's like independence day. it wasn't a revolution that led to it. it's a fantastic day, the everybody is off and the royals are there. you no he what you eat on canada day, you eat beaver tails, they're not real beaver's tails, they're like a doughnut. and poutine. have you ever had that? >> no. >> crispy french fries and you put cheese kurd and burnt dark
5:52 am
gravy on it and it mixes up and it's gooey. >> kurd and burnt dark gravy. it sounds delicious. happy canada day, everybody. >> rob, stick around for this one. los angeles wants a few good celebrities. they want police there, want celebrities that have big twitter followings to send out an important message, part of the freeway is closing for one weekend in july, they've asked all of these celebrities to get the word out. some are actually doing it. here's what some celebrities are saying so far. william shatner tweeted, l.a. friends, have you heard about carmageddon? the 405 will be closed. >> ashton kucher said i would like a free pass on the stoplight ticket, it was yellow. >> i'm fascinated, rob, that they're telling people about things that are going to cause traffic delays in l.a. like i just kind of assume when gi to l.a., it's a big traffic delay. >> but the fact that these big-time celebrities are participating in issuing a public safety announcement,
5:53 am
that's good. i'm surprised they didn't ask you, you've got what, tens of thousands, you've got a few, pal. >> i'm just celebrating canada day, my friend. maybe next time you can give us the weather in canada. >> all right. today's word of the day, superpac, find out what it means and why you need to know it.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
56 minutes after the hour. before the break i told you our word of the day is superpac. it's the type of political action committee that can receive unlimited funds from corporations, unions and individuals to spend on outside groups to campaign for or against candidates or interests.
5:57 am
mind the number. campaign finance term, right? not when stephen colbert gets his own. >> i don't know about you, but i do not accept limits on my free speech. [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't know about you, but i do not accept the status quo. [ cheers and applause ] >> but i do accept visa, mastercard and american express. >> all right. here are three things to put on your radar today, former imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn, goes before a judge today to try to get his bail reduced. prosecutors say they've discovered credibility issues, serious ones, with the woman who accused him of sexual assault. the hearing is at 11:30 a.m. eastern this morning. the. georgia immigration law targeting illegal immigrants goes into effect today. one part of the law says people using fake i.d. to get a job in georgia could face up to 15 years in prison. leon panetta takes over as u.s. defense secretary today,
5:58 am
general david petraeus replaces panetta as the director of the c.i.a. let's go to hong kong where anna coren has a quick check of the markets. >> i'll fill you in on the markets and you can snack on your poutine. here in the asia-pacific markets closed mostly higher, the nikkei rose to a two-month high. european markets have been open for a few hours, they're slightly up, we'll see how they do. wall street was stronger overnight. the s&p 500 closed higher, marking the fourth straight day of strong performance. and we'll see if europe's performance will affect you guys in the u.s. >> we're looking at something going on with google and prescription drugs. what's the story there? >> yeah, well they're facing a huge fine, up to $500 million. some fda agents went undercover and now they and prosecutors are making a big accusation that google took advertising money from rogue drug websites.
5:59 am
ones that were selling highly addictive drugs without prescriptions and they're saying google did it on purpose for three years. we're talking narcotics like percocet and oxycontin. even anti-anxiety drugs. all of these are very addictive. if they slap google with a fine, it will be the largest of its kind of u.s. history. >> the movie "snakes on a plane." a guy was caught trying to sleep on a flight between seattle and anchorage when he felt something crawl up his sleeve. he brushed it away without looking and felt it again. it was a scorpion that had apparently gotten through security in austin where the flight started. that's kind of gross, anna. >> that is, that is very scary. but i was reading that apparently a reptile expert said that if he had calmly removed it, it wouldn't have stung him. he was too threatening to the scorpion. >> you mentioned

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